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Sl. No. Name of Professional Position Areas of Expertise
1. Dr. Shaker Ahmed

Advisor of PMID and Economist/Management Development Specialist

Has rich expertise and experience in the sectors of poverty alleviation, rural development, women development through capacity enhancement, energy development, water supply, sanitation, water resources development, international trade, health, nutrition, population etc. Besides quantitative method, has been using various qualitative methods in his research and consultancy works. Has more than 40 research based articles and books.
2. Dr. Kazi Matin U Ahmed Advisor of PMID and Hydro geologist Is one of the leading experts of the country in the field of Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology. Has more than 20 years of experience in the field of hydro-geology.
3. Dr. Rokeya Khanam Advisor of PMID and IEC, Training and Health & Hygiene Specialist Dr. Rokeya Khanam is one of the leading specialists of the country in the sector of communication and education. Has rich experience and in-depth expertise on designing communication strategy, development of IEC/BCC materials, development of training manual/survey manual, training conduction, conduction and supervision of survey, development of campaign package, implementation of educational  projects/programmes, social mobilization, advocacy campaign, data analysis, report preparation etc.

Dr. Santi Ranjan Howlader

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Dr. Santi Ranjan Howlader has gained a long ranging experience for project monitoring and evaluation, LFA, selecting appropriate indicators for M&E and data management. During the tenure of experience was responsible for designing, planning and implementation of multi-sector development for project cycle issues like concept paper and proposal development, feasibility study, baseline study, project monitoring and assessment of benefits at output, effect and impact levels.
5. Dr. Akhter Hussain Institutional Development Expert Dr. Hussain is one of the leading Institutional Development Expert of the country. Has more than 20 years of consultancy experience in the areas of Institution and Capacity Development, Governance, Public Administration Reform, and Human Resources Development. Besides Bangladesh, has worked in Cambodia, Laos PDR, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway and Denmark. Has been working as Professor of University of Dhaka teaching Public Administration at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Worked for more than 3 years as a Specialist in an international organization in Bangkok, Thailand.

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